Episode 2 – 200% more Average!

Well, we’ve doubled our episode count – that’s got to be a record, right?

In Episode 2 of The Average Gamers, we talk about the games we’ve played since last months’ episode, such as Rising Sun, Lords of Hellas, Shadespire and Infinity the Game. One of our hosts has even made it into a book!

Find out more by giving us a listen!

Games and sites we talked about:

Totally Crit Podcast: https://totallycrit.podbean.com/
Heroforge: https://www.heroforge.com
Lords of Hellas: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/222509/lords-hellas
Shadespire: https://warhammerunderworlds.com/
Rising Sun: https://www.cmon.com/product/rising-sun/rising-sun
Infinity the Game: https://infinitythegame.com/
Tabletop Gaming Manual: http://amzn.eu/g3rWBfI
FortressAT: http://fortressat.com/


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